The website is created as a tribute to the people of Bellona and Rennell Islands for their enthusiastic participation in the scientific work carried out by Danish and American scholars.

Dr. Torben Monberg and Dr. Rolf Kuschel collected the scientific material on Bellona and Rennell Islands, Solomon Islands during the years between 1958 and 2007.

All the material is stored in the Manuscript Department of The Royal Library of Denmark. P.O. Box 2149, 1016 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Contacts: cmb@dk or telephone # +45 33474747. Most of the material presented on the website is printable. Please, respect all copyrights. All rights are reserved unless otherwise stated. All site contents and images © 2010

The following stipulation applies to all the material stored in the Library:
It will not be possible to access the collection for thirty years from the date of deposit in 2011, i.e. until 2041, unless, the applicants are descendants of Torben Monberg or, reputable scientists who have legitimate reasons to study some aspects of the material held.

It will be obligatory to apply for a written permission from The Royal Library of Denmark. Under certain circumstances it also may be necessary for the Library to consult with Dr. Rolf Kuschel or Hanne Salto Monberg before approval is given. In their absence, mag.scient. Pernille B. Monberg may give the approval. 

June, 1st 2011

Rolf Kuschel                                                                                  Hanne B. Salto Monberg

All rights reserved unless otherwise stated. All site contents and images © 2010

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