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Samuel H. Elbert, (1907-1997), ”emeritus professor of Pacific languages and linguistics at the University of Hawaii. He began his association with that institution in 1949. Among his best-known works are the definitive Hawaiian Dictionary and Hawaiian Grammar, both co-authored with Mary Kawena Pukui. As well as the comprehensive dictionary of the Hawaiian language, Elbert has authored dictionaries of the languages of Rennell and Bellooa, Kapingamarangi, Truk, and Puluwat. He earned degrees from Grinnell College, Columbia University, and Indiana University. and he has received honorary degrees from Grinnell and from the University of Copenhagen. Elbert made his first field trip to Rennell and Bellona in 1957, and he made subsequent visits and continued his research during the ensuing thirty-one years.” (Elbert, Echo of a Culture). During his extensive career of teaching and research he produced twenty books and many articles. In 1962 he received the honorific name Ngibuhenua, “Encircling lands”, by his long time informant Temoa Sa’atai of Bellona Island.

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